EnvisionTEC has innovated in the 3D printing space since 2002 to solve real-world problems for customers – professionals who manufacture prototypes, tooling, and final products for a variety of industries. With a portfolio that now includes DLP, 3SP, cDLM, Bioprinting, and RAM, EnvisionTEC delivers solutions for the industrial additive manufacturing market.

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EnvisionTEC serves a wide variety of medical, professional and industrial markets, and delivers solutions for the following applications:
  • Casting
  • Prototyping
  • Small-Run Production
  • Manufacturing Aids
  • Modeling

Designed to take you from beginner to expert, the Envision One cDLM delivers an end to end solution including design software parameter optimization to deliver accurate parts with minimal supports. The Envision One cDLM is capable of printing up to 45 mm/hour.

The Micro Plus XL offers a build area of up to 754,900 cubic mm (46.6 cubic in.) with a resolution of 82 µm. Coupled with fast build speeds and excellent surface finish, the Micro Plus XL is a perfect option for a product designer’s desktop.

Introducing the only DLP-based 3D printer utilizing a true 4K projector with UV optics tuned to 385nm wavelength. The P4K Series delivers the high accuracy coupled with the highest finished product functionality.

The Vector 3SP provides excellent surface finish and speed with a build size of up to 30,316 cubic cm (1850 cubic in.) to produce everything from concept models to functional parts.

Utilizing their proprietary print head and an ABB robot arm, Viridis3D uses exclusive binder jetting technology to print sand molds, mold cores and investment casting patterns for foundry applications.

With three levels of functionality, the Starter, the Developer, and the Manufacturer, this family of bioprinters processes open-source biomaterials using air or mechanical pressure to a syringe, which can fabricate scaffolds to create tissue, organs and more.