• Optimized for Nexa xClean part washing solution
  • Accepts 2x NXE400 build platforms, and/or loose parts basket
  • Bidirectional agitation with variable speeds
  • Adjustable cleaning cycle timer and cleaner saturation timer
  • Automatic z-axis up/down with secondary lid/cover
  • Touch screen user interface with color display
  • Drain/fill ports
  • 35L Tritan reservoir

Nexa3D’s xWASH matches the build volumes and process requirements of the ultrafast NXE400 3D printer, and is engineered for Nexa3D’s photoplastic materials, giving manufacturers a powerful, consistent, and sustainable washing solution.

The xWASH is optimized for and validated with Nexa xCLEAN, which offers 3X saturation limits, environmentally friendly recycling options, and enhanced chemical/flash-point safety characteristics.

The xWASH directly accommodates the full NXE400 build volume, accepts up to two NXE400 build platforms simultaneously for streamlined post-processing workflow, or the option of a loose parts basket for production flexibility; it can also accept the full NXE400 build volume. Bi-directional agitation with variable speeds ensures efficient cleaning regardless of part geometry, and an adjustable cleaning timer allows optimized cleaning time based on part geometry and resin type. Dedicated drain and fill ports facilitate easy maintenance; a pot life timer notifies when the cleaner has reached saturation limits. A tritan plastic reservoir provides clear process and cleaner level viewing, and provides maximum durability for production environments.

The ability to automatically raise and lower the Z-axis with a secondary lid/cover provides an extra safeguard from chemical exposure, and reduces solvent evaporation.

touch screen user interface makes it easy to set bath cleaning duration, agitation speed/direction, and cleaner useful life.

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