• Modify your design at mesh level

  • Create textures, patterns and perforations

  • Create latticed, conformal or porous structures

  • Clean up rough topology optimization results for simulation (FEA) and printing

  • Convert your mesh back to CAD

A great design for 3D printing usually starts with a CAD file, simulation result, or scanned data as input. To benefit from the possibilities that 3D printing offers, you need a flexible tool to make specific design modifications or enhancements, often at the mesh level. Whether you want to produce a functional automotive part, a lightweight aerospace part or fascinating shoes, our specialized software helps you optimize your designs with an unprecedented degree of freedom. With Materialise 3-matic, you can clean up rough data for simulation or convert your mesh back to CAD. In addition, it allows you to enhance your design by creating 3D textures, lattice structures and conformal structures, ready for Additive Manufacturing. 3-matic also includes scripting automation to make it easier to create ranges of validation samples and improve overall productivity.