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3D Platform is committed to bringing big prints to life.  With a focus on large-format industrial-strength printing, 3DPlatform offers customizable 3D printing equipment options.  The Workseries printers offer open market compatibility, extruder throughput configurations tailored to your specific additive manufacturing goals, and robust components from one of the world’s leading linear motion mechatronics manufacturers.

3D printer component
3D printer component
3D printer component
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3DPlatform enables innovation at scale. Leverage the large build volume and high-speed extruders of 3DPlatform for the following applications:

  • Casting
  • Prototyping
  • Modeling
  • Manufacturing Aids

The 100 Series WorkTable large scale 3D printer is designed for smaller businesses, schools, and entry-level designers looking to implement large-format, industrial strength 3D printing into their projects.

Print large parts at faster rates with the 200 Series Workbench Classic large scale 3D printer.

The 300 Series WorkbenchPro additive manufacturing system delivers superior performance and reliability with a large 1 m x 1 m x 0.7 m build area.

The WorkSeries 400 is 3DPlatform’s largest scale 3D printer that has been engineered from the ground-up. Most importantly, the unique, parametric design can be easily adjusted to match the needs of our customers.