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We are a team of designers, product manufacturers, and creative thinkers who help you find the solutions for your 3D printing needs.

Dimension Works was founded in 2015 out of a passion for entrepreneurship, combined with machining, mechanical design, business, and marketing expertise. Our team makes additive manufacturing easier for our customers and enables them to go from 2D to 3D through our CAD services, delivers high-quality 3D prints, advises on the right 3D printing technology to bring in-house, or advocates for them with the OEM throughout the life of the equipment.

Our Mission

To build meaningful relationships that lead our customers in finding solutions to drive their success.



Our commitment to providing honest solutions. We will not mislead customers for the sake of a higher sale, but rather we want the customer to succeed with the product or service that best suits their needs.


Our promise to find answers. We are not content to say, “I don’t know,” and instead, we say, “I don’t know yet, but I will find out for you.” We are not afraid to do what has not been done before.

Our excellence through experience. We bring our decades of wisdom to each customer’s project. We use the equipment we sell, making us uniquely equipped to tackle any problem our customers face.
Our skill for accuracy and reliability in our services. We do not take shortcuts with our work, and we stand behind what we do with product warranties and clear communication.

Our dedication to building relationships. We do not want to make a sale and send our customers on their way. We want to know that what we did served them well and solved the problem they experienced before they came to us.


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Founding Partner, Design Engineer

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Founding Partner, Marketing