Data Processing

  • Process Compensations
  • Slicing and slice-based data
  • Slice post-processing
  • Integrated Supports

Process Integration

  • Machine Integration
  • Client-server set-up
  • Front-end software integration


3D printers are complex, and getting the desired result requires knowledge of machine parameters, processes and materials. To seamlessly link software with hardware and reduce the complexity of 3D Printing, the Materialise Build Processor simplifies machine communication through a straightforward user interface. Materialise has strong partnerships with the majority of leading AM machine manufacturers worldwide and several key CAD/CAM software manufacturers. For independent software vendors, the Materialise Build Processor offers a single API interface. We provide the software platform and toolbox, then the AM machine manufacturer feeds it with process-specific knowledge. Together we bridge the gap between 3D printers and enable game-changing applications.