Additive manufacturing delivers production-grade plastic parts when traditional manufacturing doesn’t fit the application.

Short-run production leverages the nimbleness of additive manufacturing. When quantities or geometries don’t warrant the use of traditional manufacturing or the timelines just can’t wait for tooling, 3D printing delivers end-use parts.

A few examples of 3D small run production applications:

  • Low volume production
  • Bridge-To-Production quantities
  • Custom production

Bridge-To-Production Quantities

Build serial production of small industrial-grade parts.

Best Solutions:

3D powder printed part

Custom Production

Eliminate the challenges of custom production volumes and frequent design changes by printing with an open materials ecosystem that delivers quality parts.

Best Solutions:

3D printed part

Low Volume production

Produce end-use parts in rapid fashion, when the lead time for tooling just doesn’t work.

Best Solutions:

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Our 3DP printer from Dimension Works has been a game-changer. Being able to 3D print curved prototype tooling in strong materials has made operators’ work much easier, freeing up resources, and increasing overall productivity. Using our printer to test and prove designs with a functional prototype, while saving time and money, is a win.
Andre Jaquette, Townley Foundry
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Dimension Works has been a pleasure to work with! They were able to work with us to deliver quality prints upon short notice. We highly recommend them!
James H., Beyond Helium
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Dimension Works has been one of the best vendors I have worked with. They respond quickly and professionally to any issues and support various OEMs. They look at your specific needs to find the right solution. I highly recommend working with them.
Mike M., Medical Industry
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I have used Dimension works since they started in business. They are a great company with very knowledgeable people and they deliver top-quality prototypes in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.
George Clementson, Engineering Manager / Electronics Design Engineer
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Dimension Works is incredibly customer focused. They provide me with a one stop shop for the supplies I need and the technical expertise to keep me up and running. They add the personal touch that is so hard to find in today’s business world.
Todd Mink, Honda Development and Manufacturing of America