Nexa3D XiP Pro, front view
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Nexa offers the world’s fastest industrial 3D printer, boasting an unprecedented 16L build volume, intelligent optimization, modular design, and Nexa3D’s revolutionary patented LSPc technology. Nexa3D printers can print at any speed, making it possible to print prototypes or series production. 

3D printer
3D printer
Nexa3D’s groundbreaking technology delivers productivity gains across the following applications:
  • Casting
  • Prototyping
  • Small-Run Production
  • Modeling
  • Manufacturing Aids

The XiP Pro is an industrial resin 3D printer delivering highest production throughput at the lowest cost of operation. Offering the largest build volume and fastest print speed in its class, the XiP Pro delivers unrivaled productivity.

NXE 400 3D printer delivers best in breed print size, volume and speed at the lowest cost of ownership, making it ideal for series production and same day on-demand parts and prototypes.


The ultrafast Desktop 3D Printer for maximum versatility and productivity.
High speed and simple workflows combine for a premium, accessible 3D printing experience like no other.