• Build Envelope: 150 x 150 x 140 mm

(5.91” x 5.91” x 5.51”)

  • Build Speed: 0.1 – 150 mm/s
  • Minimum Strand Diameter: 0.100 mm, material dependent
  • Axis Resolution: 0.001 mm

The 3D-Bioplotter® System is a versatile rapid prototyping tool for processing a great variety of biomaterials for computer-aided tissue engineering (CATE), from 3D CAD models and patient CT data to the physical 3D scaffold with a designed and defined outer form and an open inner structure. The 3D-Bioplotter® has the capacity of fabricating scaffolds using the widest range of materials of any singular rapid prototyping machine, from soft hydrogels over polymer melts up to hard ceramics and metals. Complex inner patterns can easily be designed using the 3D-Bioplotter® software to control the mechanical properties, increase cell adhesion, as well as improve the flow of nutrient media throughout the interconnecting pores of the printed implants.