• Single click – rotate and push operation
  • Validated resin pre-setts for consistent part curing results
  • 30-60C heating capacity with 1C increments
  • 6 dual wavelength 365 + 405 nm LEDs
  • Total input power of 360W ensures quick and efficient cycles
  • Footprint: 21”x20”x32” (WDH)
  • Weight 110lbs (empty)
  • US 100-120 VAC 60 HZ
  • EU 200-240 VAC 50 HZ

Post-curing maximizes material properties, improving parts strength, and providing consistent mechanical performance part to part and build to build.

xCURE 3D printing post-processing combines heat and dual wavelength light consistently, to post-cure printed parts using a combination of material-specific prescribed sequences in a controlled chamber. xCURE accommodates parts as large as 16 liters in volume and is designed to process the entire print envelope of Nexa3D’s NXE 400 printer. The chamber can accommodate up to three build plates at once and allows parts to cure directly on the build plate or be placed in a basket and cured individually.

xCURE 3D printing post-processing tools include high-power LEDs that operate at dual wavelengths, as well as in sequential UV and thermal curing modes. It comes pre-loaded with validated workflow-curing recipes for all approved Nexa3D photoplastic materials and is easily upgradeable for additional materials. xCURE is built to global industrial construction and safety standards and operates in three curing modes: UV only, heat only and UV+heat.

xCURE delivers optimal post-processing of 3D printed parts and effective curing cycles that guarantee consistent mechanical properties and predictable part performance.

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