Print Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling
Build Area: 305 x 305 x 320 mm
Heated Chamber, Max Temperature 100C
Heated Build Plate, Max Temperature  105C
Layer Resolution: 0.4mm nozzle 100-400 micron
Dual-Extrusion Print Head with Swappable Performance Extruders
CloudPrint Software
Supported OS: MacOS, Windows
File Transfer: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB

Introducing the Method XL. Print large parts with industrial-grade materials and high dimensional accuracy - the ultimate solution for engineering applications.
Large Build Volume
Print bigger, print better: The Method XL is the ultimate 3D printing solution for large-scale projects, offering industrial-grade materials and exceptional dimensional accuracy without the need to compromise on the size of your parts. With its spacious 305 x 305 x 320 mm build volume, the Method XL enables you to tackle ambitious projects – from manufacturing aids to end-use parts – all while rivaling the precision of injection molding. Choose the Method XL for your large-scale 3D printing projects and experience the unparalleled performance that professionals demand, all without sacrificing the accuracy and quality your work deserves.  
Heated Build Chamber & Plate
Master ABS printing with the Method XL's precise temperature control, ensuring optimal results for projects of any size. The advanced heated build plate and chamber system work in harmony to maintain a stable and consistent printing environment, effectively eliminating warping and ensuring exceptional layer adhesion throughout the entire process. Whether you're working on a small manufacturing aid or a large end-use part, the Method XL's superior temperature control capabilities guarantee that every detail is captured with remarkable accuracy. Experience the unparalleled performance of the Method XL, a 3D printer specifically designed to help you conquer your ABS printing challenges, no matter the size of your part.  
High Dimensional-Accuracy
The Method XL has been especially engineered to maintain dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances while printing even the largest ABS parts. Not only does the Method XL avoid warping and layer adhesion issues, but it creates massive parts with industrial-grade precision.  
External Material Case
The Method XL's external moisture-controlled material case ensures peak performance from your professional-grade materials.  
High-Performance Materials
The material selection of the Method XL has been specifically tailored to address the needs of our users: match the quality of injection molded parts using ABS-R, leverage the performance of carbon fiber with ABS-CF, and create complex parts with minimal post-processing thanks to our soluble supports materials.  
Remote CloudPrint Control
CloudPrint gets you from a CAD file to a sliced part in record time with no installation necessary. Control and monitor your Method XL using a workflow that’s perfectly tailored to your printer.  
Open Material Printing With Labs Extruder
Expanded material options using the Labs open material solution.  
Integrated Air Filters
Both a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter are integrated into the machine assuring that you can use the Method XL indoors without worrying about harmful fumes or strong smells.
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