• Build Volume: 292 x 163 x 410 mm (11.5 x 6.4 x 16.10 in)
  • LCD Resolution: 7K (6480 x 3600)
  • Print Speed: up to 24 vertical centimeters per hour
  • Open system
  • Pixel Size: 46 µm
  • Print Resolution: 25 µm – 200 µm
  • Real time monitoring, optimizing and diagnostics

Large Build Volume

XiP Pro’s 19.5L build volume delivers a daily throughput of 4+ other industrial resin-based printers, making it a game-changer for your 3D printing production. With its unique stacking ability, you can optimize every build by easily stacking your smaller parts on top of one another, taking full advantage of XiP Pro’s entire build volume. This means that you can now print extra-large parts or many smaller parts in one go, without compromising on speed or quality. With XiP Pro’s large build volume, you can dramatically change the economics of your 3D printing production and reduce your investment in equipment – all while boosting your daily throughput.


Blazing Fast Print Speed

With an industry leading print speed of up to 24 vertical centimeters per hour, you can produce your entire build volume in under two hours, saving you valuable time and increasing your overall productivity. And the best part? You don’t have to sacrifice quality for speed. XiP Pro’s patented LCD-based LSPc print technology ensures that you get lighting-fast print speed and unprecedented production value without compromising print quality or surface finish. So why wait? Invest in XiP Pro today and experience the benefits of lightning-fast 3D printing!


Superb Accuracy and Surface Quality

Not only does XiP Pro offer outstanding speed and throughput capabilities, it boasts a cutting-edge 7K resolution LCD screen with 46 µm pixel size and 23 µm sub-pixel resolution using antialiasing technology. Whether you are creating prototypes or production parts, every detail of your design is captured with unparalleled clarity and precision giving you a finished product that is both stunning and accurate. The enhanced printability and exceptional first-time build success rate are enabled by its advanced sensor package, adaptive layer-by-layer printing technology, and closed-loop z-stage with auto-homing and debris detection.


Material Versatility

With XiP Pro’s material versatility, you can explore limitless possibilities and create a vast range of products, from quick models to functional parts. You can choose from a broad range of high-performance manufacturing materials, including strong and durable resins like xABS, xPP, and xCE to elastomeric materials like xFLEX475 and xFLEX405. This open platform printer also lets you produce end-use components and 3D printed molds using heat-resistant resins, such as xPEEK, xCERAMIC, or xMOLD, making it the most versatile industrial 3D printer on the market. By choosing XiP Pro, you’re not limited to specific materials, and you can create the most intricate and complex designs with ease!

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